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Silk Road for him

Silk Road for Him — a fragrance for a man, a connoisseur of modern perfume with a broad outlook. A man with a magnificent and elegant charisma. Silk Road for Him reveals an exquisite combination of cocoa in a duet with the enveloping aroma of hazelnut giving a feeling of comfort. It channels into spicy cumin, seamlessly turning to enter the heart of the composition with cardamom, precious amber and leather.

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Silk Road for him

The Great Silk Road — ancient unique phenomenon in the World history of civilization with its aspiration for unity, cultural values and exchange. The Silk Road was the network of Caravan trade routes, which crossed and linked Europe and Asia.

Presently ancient countries such as Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, India, Korea, Japan and China with their architectural and historical heritage, represent centuries-old great cultures in the Spirit of Great Silk Road.

Silk Road Perfume — the symbol of life, discovery, legacy, traveling and an inner driving force for progress.


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The basic chords of attractive sandalwood, cedar and musk are evolving into a long-lasting loop. All precious ingredients have amazing firmness and versatility. They will brightly sound throughout the day, delighting with new colorful tints of travel emphasizing the high status and excellent taste of the sophisticated owner.
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