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Travel Set for her

Begim Treasures Collection’s Travel Sets is a unique souvenir gift for connoisseurs of authentic perfume, with a scent story inside each bottle. Moreover, it is a convenient option for traveling. Begim Perfumes sets are a miniature version of each fragrance of the Treasure Collection with a volume of 30 ml. By purchasing a set of Begim Perfumes Treasure Collection, you get the opportunity to “wear” fragrances that help to fulfill your desires. Therefore, Bukhara Spirit assists you in making important decisions. Samarkand Spirit gives a feeling of lightness and a romantic mood. Ruby of Temur inspires to a victory and shares its power. With KohiNur Diamond you sparkle and feel like royalty. Silk Road inspires you on a unique journey every day…

1 500 000UZS

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